10+ facts you didn´t know about bruno mars*

Bruno Mars just won the Grammy for Album and Record of the year („24K Magic“) and is on top of the world. The R&B singer has 11 Grammy awards under his belt and is unstoppable. He released only three solo albums but he became one the most popular songwriters in the world. „Just the way you are“, „Grenade“, „Locked out of heaven“ and „24K Magic“ are just a few of his hits and his collaboration with Mark Ronson, „Uptown Funk“ became a worldwide phenomenon. Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about the man that made even Obama dance.

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His real name.


Bruno Mars‘ real name is Peter Gene Bayot Hernandez. His father called him Bruno and the Mars came along because he needed a surname and people used to say he was „out of this world,“ therefore the Mars.

Why Bruno


He said in an interview that his father nicknamed him after Bruno Sammartino, a professional wrestler, because Mars looked like him when he was a chubby kid.

Born and raised


He was was born on October 8th 1985 in Waikiki, Hawaii. He is now 32 years old but still remember his early days at the island.

His descent


Bruno Mars is of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent. He is typically described as being Hawaiian-born to a father of Puerto Rican heritage and a mother from the Philippines.

His parents


He comes from a musical family. His mother is a hula dancer and his father is a percussionist. They met while performing in a show.

Little Elvis


Growing up, his nickname was „Little Elvis“ and did shows around the island. He was and is a big Elvis Presley fan.

He realy enjoyed acting and singing live on stage.

The love notes


At age 4, Bruno joined his family’s band „The Love Notes“ and performed with them 5 days a week, he was the leading voice and impersonated Elvis. He was and is a big Elvis Presley fan.

His brother and sisters


He comes from a large family and is one of six children. He has a brother Eric, and four sisters: Jamie, Presley, Tahiti, and Tiara. Eric plays drums for The Hooligans, Mars‘ band.

His sisters’ band


Bruno’s sisters have their own band, The Lylas, and had their own reality television show about the recording of their debut album.

His height


He is 5 ft 5. He usually jokes about being the shortest person in the room. He said to NY Daily news „in my mind, I’m 6-3. But I’m 5-5. Do me a favor: Say I’m 5-6“.

Leaving home


Bruno Mars left Hawaii and went to Los Angeles after he graduated from high school to pursue his dreams of starting his career as a singer.

His color


Bruno Mars‘ favorite color is Maroon. In an interview Bruno mars said his favorite color was „radical red“, but then he said he was joking and stated that he prefers maroon.

His favorite food


In a recent interview he said his favorite food is Chicken Adobo, which is the national dish of the Philippines.

A man of many hats popcrush


It’s almost impossible to imagine Bruno Mars without a hat, specially a fedora. Many people say that he is „making fedoras cool“. Also his wonderful dress is always very cool.

His Dog


Bruno Mars has a dog named Geronimo. He adopted it in 2012 and haven’t stop tweeting about it since. He uploaded this picture with the caption „Ma boy Geronimo is the definition of a distinguished Gentlemen“

His favorite show


Bruno Mars said that his favorite show is Family Guy. He sang a parody of one of his hits, „Uptown Funk“, for the show with Mark Ronson.

His love life


He is dating model and actress Jessica Caban since 2012. She was a contestant on Model Latina, where she was crowned the first ever Model Latina champion.

His tattoos


He has 4 tattoos: His mother name (Bernadette) over a heart, the words „Pete’s Boy“ in homage to his father, a ship’s anchor on his right forearm and an image of a gypsy on his left forearm for good luck.

Quitting smoking


He quit smoking in 2013. He tweeted a picture of himself using an electronic cigarette and said he was trying to quit smoking for his mother.

His mother’s death


In June 2013, his mother died of a brain aneurysm in Hawaii. She was 55 and had had a heart attack the day before she was hospitalized in Honolulu.

His vocal range


Bruno Mars possesses a three octave tenor vocal range. Tim Sendra from AllMusic described Mars‘ vocals as „the kind of smooth instrument that slips into your ear like honey“.

Starting off


His first proper job was called The Smeezingtons and he founded it with Philip Lawrence and Avi Levine. They wrote and produced songs and created hits such as Flo Rida’s „Right Round“ and Travie McCoy’s „Billionaire“.

Writing the world’s cup theme song


In 2010, for the soccer world cup in South Africa, Mars wrote „Waving Flag“, sung by K’Naan’s. The song was translated to many languages and was played in every match.

His band


His band is called „The Hooligans“ and includes a guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, and horn players. His brother Eric plays the drums.

His favorite song


He says that his favorite song from his albums is „Count on me“. The song is a folk and tropical record that details the importance of friendship and convey a positive message.

His fans


Bruno’s fans are known as Hooligans. He has fan clubs all over the world and in his official web page you can become part of the „Club Hooligan, a special place dedicated to his biggest fans“.

His first song


His first song is called Sugar Mama and he says it’s awful. He wrote it when he was very young and never got to play it for a big audience.

His first album


His first album is called Doo-Wops & Hooligans and was released in 2010. The records‘ title was chosen to reflect simplicity and appeal to both males and females.

Musical genres


He started off as a r&b songwriter and singer but then expanded his music to funk, pop and soul. Many people call him the „new king of pop“ after Michael Jackson.

His acting career


Bruno Mars started his acting and singing career in the 1992 comedy film Honeymoon in Vegas. His character was „Little Elvis“ and he was credited as Bruno Hernandez.

His name is Rio


In 2014, Bruno Mars give voice to a character in the movie Rio 2. It was Roberto and was the protagonist´s (Jewel) childhood friend.

His songs in films


Many of Bruno Mars‘ hits are bringing movies alive since 2010. „Uptown Funk“, „Locked out of heaven“ and „Grenade“ appear in many films as soundtrack and „Just the way you are“ was covered in Pitch Perfect. 

Not just a singer


His voice blows us away and is the showstopper but he also knows how to play the drums, keyboard, bass and guitar and as he comes from a musical family and his siblings taught him.

His shows


Bruno Mars is known for his „retro“showmanship which is widely acclaimed by critics and viewers. He usually plays a variety of instruments such as electric guitar, piano, keyboards and drums and dances.

His requests


When on tour, before performing, Bruno Mars only requests two items for when he’s back stage: wet wipes and a bottle of wine. Hopefully he will not drink the bottle alone before he sing.

His influences


Mars said in many interviews that he was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, R.Kelly and James Brown.

The lazy song


Bruno Mars admits that he now hates The lazy song. Even though everyone may say that it’s the song that made him famous, Mars refuses to play it in his shows.

Reality Shows


In 2016, he did a live show in The Voice and played 24K Magic. He said in an interview that he feels flattered as many singers who are starting their career choose his songs for realities such as The voice, American Idol and America’s got talent. 

Grammy Nominations


Bruno Mars has been nominated for 27 Grammy Awards, the most prestigious awards in the music industry. His three albums were nominated for Album of the year and many of his singles for Song of the year.

His wins


He won 11 Grammys since the start of his career. In the 2018 Grammys he was the big winner of the night as he got a statuette for Best Album, Record and song por 24K Magic.

Artist of the year


He was named Billboard’s Artist of the Year in 2014. He was in the cover of the magazine and in an interview he said „What makes you artist of the year? Can we throw ‚best jump shot‘ in there?“.

Super bowl


Bruno Mars performed at the halftime show at the Super Bowl in 2014. He played Billionaire““Locked Out of Heaven“ „Treasure“ „Runaway Baby“ „Give It Away“ (featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers) and „Just the Way You Are“.



Grenade was Bruno Mars‘ first song to reach the No. 1 Billboard. In 2010 „Grenade“ replaced Katy Perry’s Firework at the top of the charts. Such a great song from Bruno Mars. GRENADE.

Top grossing songs


Bruno Mars‘ top 3 biggest songs according to Billboard are Uptown Funk, Just the way you are and Grenade. Uptown Funk was 76 weeks on chart.

Most viewed video


According to youtube, „The lazy song“ is Bruno Mars‘ most viewed and liked video. It has over 1200 million views and 5 million likes. 

His twitter


His twitter is @BrunoMars and has over 40M followers. He is often teased for his old profile pic and tweeted „For real though…What’s wrong with the one I got? What makes a good profile pic?“.

Something in common with MJ


Bruno Mars‘ single, „Finesse“, has made 24K Magic his third album in a row to have three U.S. top 10 singles, making him the second artist ever to accomplish this. The first was Michael Jackson.

He Matched Elvis


In 2013, Bruno scored his fifth No. 1 hit with „When I Was Your Man.“ The song came over three years after his first chart-topper and he racked his first five Hot 100 No. 1’s faster than any male since Elvis Presley.

He made Obama dance


In 2016, Obama uploaded a video of Michelle and him dancing to Uptown Funk in the White House. They were celebrating the „Star Wars day“ and RD2D and some Stormtrooper danced with them. 

His criminal record


Bruno Mars was arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas in september of 2010. He was carrying 2.6 grams and pleaded guilty but the charge has since been wiped from his record after completing some community service.

Now that you know more about Bruno, you can run to listen to one of his songs.

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