Reasons Why Your Kids Should Not Take Care Of Their Pets Alone*

Kids and pets go together like peas in a pot: they seem to love each other and have lots of fun hanging out. Unfortunately, there is something else than these two have in common other than the innocence and kindness they have: they have zero control of themselves, especially when it comes to taking care of the house. We envy a little the fact that they don’t seem to know that there are consequences to each one of their actions, so even though we strongly recommend your kids having responsibilities you might want to start with something easier than this.

Colorful Dalmatian


Dalmatians are known particularly for one thing: they are black and white. The kid who was in charge of taking care of this one, unfortunately, did not care much about stereotypes and decided to add all the colors to it.



This may sound weird but if you have pets you know it’s true: if by any chance a glass of milk is spilled on the floor, you wait for your cat to come and drink it. This kid wanted to know what the fuss was about too.

Hiding place


You know how most people buy larger clothes for their kids so when they keep growing they can still wear them? Not only it’s good for budget reasons, but also for dog hiding purposes apparently.



This whole picture who later on became this funny meme is absolutely hilarious: look at the dog face like saying if you try to blame this on me I’ll take you to court and show which one of us has opposable thumbs.

Tea party


We all know that pets are a great addition to any family, but especially if you have an only child that can get bored easily with no siblings: we have to admire the patience this dog had to be a part of the tea party.



Don’t you just hate when you want to try some makeup tutorials and there are no volunteers around to lend you their faces? This kid found a solution to this by giving the family cat a new look.

Play dead


We can’t stop laughing at this picture: either this dog is the most patient animal in the entire world or he is trying to look dead so the kid who is taking care of it can stop putting toys on top.



If you tell your kid not to leave the house alone, be careful: they might read it as leaving the house with the cat and getting locked out. Look at the expression on this cat’s face, is absolutely priceless.



If you usually watch RuPaul Drag’s race when the kids are in the house, thing like these might happen: we are not sure how this kid managed to add not only a wig but shoes and pantyhose to the dog, but he did.



How many different looks can your dog pull out? Lots of them, apparently: if you leave your kid to take care of the family dog get used to the idea that every accessory that there is around will end on the pet.



I don’t know whether this picture is absolutely hilarious or so incredibly adorable: this kid decided that it was not fair that he had all the swing fun and decided to have the cat take the next turn.



Who can ever forget that time when the family cat was crowned and became feline royalty? Apparently not this girl, who looks incredibly excited by this moment and it’s one of the cutest things we’ll ever see.



If you ever want to get a funny picture at home, have your kids take care of the family cat: not only the kids find the most amusing things to do with them, but the cat’s expressions say it all.

Feed the wrong dog


If you want your kids to start getting some chores around the house, having them feed the dog is a good idea: just make sure you let them know you meant the actual living dog and not the stuffed animal.


All women know that when your breasts start to grow, you start off with a training bra before moving into the real deal: this dog didn’t have that transitioning period and went straight to a D cup.



Nothing says more what leaving your kid to take care of your pet could end like: a complete mess, with a dog that looks at you like saying „You did this yourself by making that horrible choice.“

Living art


Cats are not known for being the most patient animals in the world: they are known for their independence and little toleration for stuff like these. However, he doesn’t seem very upset with the artwork they made on him.



When your kid is teething he will probably do whatever he can to stay out of pain; including biting anything he founds. We advise dogs not to try to take that away from the children or a war will begin.

Magic markers


The only good thing that you can think of if you come across your dog painted as if he had an artistic intervention by someone who was on acid is that thank God, kids markers are washable and non-toxic.

Nail polish


When you are a grown-up, you can consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to have your nails done by a professional in a nail salon: if you are a dog, it’s much cheaper: just ask to be pet sitted by a child.

Where is the cat?


We have absolutely no idea how a kid could convince this cat to leave himself put a whole outfit with pieces of his toy’s wardrobe, but it’s quite admirable: look how fancy and relax he looks.

Barbie, ride my dog


There is no greater love than the one you get to witness between a small child and a family pet: regardless of how hilarious this is, the way they look at each other is too cute to handle. We love it.

Super dog


What could be better than to have the responsibility to take care of your dog when you are a child? To get your dog to wear a homemade cape and become the best superhero that ever stepped foot in the house.



As kids, we think that anything we dream is possible. When we grow up, the world manages to make those feelings disappear but wouldn’t you like to turn back time and act like them for a while?

Stroller ride


If you don’t want your kids to take their cats for a stroller ride, maybe we should cut the tradition of giving them baby themed toys to play with. Wouldn’t this cat be happier in a car? A sidecar at least?



The expression on this cat’s face after being forced into a surprise costume party is the same one the kid who did this will have as a teenager when their parents embarrass her in front of her friends.

New hairdo


No, this cocker spaniel is definitely not amused and that is one hard thing to achieve since they are probably the happiest dogs on Earth. If it helps, you look great with that small bun on top.



Getting a white dog when you have small children around the house is basically the same as buying a white couch: you have to know upfront that it won’t last. Don’t you know kids draw on everything?

Please sir, can I have some more?


Look at the desperation in this cat’s eyes after being wrapped up in a towel as if he was a baby by the kid who was supposed to take care of him. This is him begging the parents to never leave again.

A day at the Spa

Manicures and pedicures are in order if you leave the family pet in the care of a small creative child who has access to a nail polish cabinet. We have to admit that he was very careful and it looks great.

Suit up


If you thought that leaving your kids alone with the pets to take care of was going to end up being a messy thing, you are wrong: some kids like to get a little fancy for dinner when they are alone.

Personal space


When you are a lucky kid, you have so many toys that can begin to fill your entire bedroom, so new places to store them are in order: unfortunately, this cat is not so pleased with his personal space invaded.

My new ride


This is probably one of the cutest things you will see today, or even in this entire week: this adorable little girl dressed as a princess knew that she needed a proper ride and with no horse in sight, this was a good option.

I said it’s mine!


Little kids learn how to share at a slow pace and dogs will probably never fully understand the concept themselves: terrible wars can begin when they both put their eye on the same toy. See it yourself.

Stop premature Christmas decoration


We know exactly what this kid will grow up into: One of those adults that start decorating everything with a Holiday Spirit in the beginning of November. The dog doesn’t seem so thrilled about this.



Some things that small kids do to their pets are not so bad as painting them in colors or forcing them to wear a funny costume: this cat was lucky enough and had a nap spot build around him.



You have to absolutely love this dog. Look how happy and calm he looks even he was dressed up as a butterfly with every object that was found in the house. This is why they are man’s best friends.



If you have a small child who is taking ballet lessons, you have to know upfront that she will manage to use her tutu in every possible way after the lesson has ended: yes, this includes showing some new moves to the dog.

You’re out


If you baby-proofed every single part of your house when you had a baby, make sure to know exactly where the cat is before leaving the house or otherwise he will end up stuck outside until you come back.



Look at these two adorable bunny rabbits inside what it looks like a huge pirate ship: we don’t want to be so demanding over a child’s imagination but you should know that bunnies can’t swim. Or be pirates.



This cat had a little vacation time inside when his owners decided to leave the kids to take care of him: with the addition of a tiny Mexican hat he nearly had that whole Caribbean experience we all look forward to.



Small kids usually have the best questions to everyday life affairs, such as why dogs don’t have eyebrows. Apparently, they were concerned with this fact and decided to add some with makeup. He does seem surprised.



We can’t tell for sure if this cat is annoyed because he has small children painting his face with makeup or because nobody uses light blue eyeshadow anymore. Hey, he could be worried about trends too.

He seems happy!


Golden retrievers are the definition of happiness and this photo proves so: even though this dog was forced to wear a silly hat, he seems so pleased and eager to keep playing with the kids it just melts our hearts.



Toys sometimes have an educational purpose to them, such as getting kids to understand how everyday grown-up things work: someone should tell this kid that is not possible to buy a cat in the market. FYI, kid.

So fancy


This 80’s inspired headband look gets this cat ready for his aerobics class. Look at the way he looks at the camera frowning upon the decision of the parents to leave him alone with the kids. Not cool, mom and dad.



The fun thing about getting a kid a bunch of stickers is that they will find the most ridiculous places to stick them in: we would never have imagined them going as far as putting them on the dog, but they did.



When small kids begin to transition from diapers to regular cloth underwear, they become kind of obsessed with this and want everyone to know that there is an option to diapers. This thought includes pets.

Cat in the hat


If you try not leaving a bunch of accessories near your kids when they are taking care of the pets, don’t worry: they will find a way to decorate them like this kid who used a small yellow cap to make the cat a hat.

New phone who is this?


This is one smart kid: if he could manage to use the dog as a support for his phone to look videos from and make sure the dog doesn’t run away in the best part, this kid is a genius. And this dog is truly a pal.

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