People Who’ve Made the Biggest Mistakes in Their Lives

We all know that there are some things in life we have control over and other things are just a matter of good or bad luck. Sometimes luck appears in a situation, on a specific day or even in a year where you feel that you could not possibly have any more bad luck. However, sometimes other people’s jinxes are our blessings when it comes to laughing. We don’t mean to be mean, but some things when they don’t happen to you are just hilarious and we hope that with some time, these people can find their bad luck moments funny too.



My grandmother always served her food saying it didn’t taste good so we would compliment her: I don’t think there is anything this person can say to get a nice word.



I don’t know how this woman got her hair tangled in the bank’s printer but you really need to have some severe bad luck for something like this to happen to you.



Separating your clothes from the dryer is annoying, but it’s worse to walk around all day with a thong hanging from your hoodie like this girl had. And she says it’s not the first time it happens.



All car accidents are awful but some of them really have you wonder how on Earth could a car end up in that position and do such damage. How bad was your driving to do this?



This guy decided to skip wearing underwear to work that day and didn’t quite get why some people seem offended during the day. Apparently, he exposed himself during a meeting.

Bend over


If you have ever experienced intense back pain you know that it’s a terrible thing and it’s almost impossible to bend over…so this solution lying on the floor seems like the world is trolling you.

Ice cream


There is nothing worse than having a long day and deciding to treat yourself with some chocolate ice cream but not getting any: this picture just breaks my heart, life is too cruel.



Anyone who has a Macbook knows that probably the main reason why we end up buying them even though they are so expensive is that they are beautiful. Well, not anymore.

Cool pic


This guy decided to go ice fishing and take a cool picture of a hole to impress everyone on his Instagram feed. Unfortunately, the phone slipped out of his hands and will never work again.



The worst part about this picture is not only the fact that there is no solution to this issue but also that we have all been there. If you haven’t don’t worry, this will happen to you too.



Whoever put this bench there had to know that he was going to force someone to go through an entire year carrying a ton of weight in his books. That’s just some cruel harsh luck.



Sometimes when you get up in the morning to go to a job that doesn’t pay what it should all that comforts you is the thought of a cup of coffee. Wit no spiders swimming inside it, of course.

Bad choice


I’m not sure if this is a funeral car or a limo, but either way, this is having some really awful luck. Hope they were not going somewhere important, like the prom or a memorial service.



One thing is being a terrible driver and crashing your car but a very different one is being so cursed hand having such bad luck than a tree falls on top of your vehicle like this.



If you ever have o be on time somewhere important and have very little time, know that life is cruel to cut every road that you would need to take. Seems like a Monday picture, right?

Paint your face


Washable glitter seems like a fun idea to wear on artistic makeup, a music festival and even for a Halloween costume, but the best it would be that it washes off and not end up like this poor girl.

Open doors


Have you noticed that a lot of bad luck situation include keys? Losing them or breaking them can be quite a hustle especially if you are trying to get home after a very long day outside.

Bad day


Those huge traffic accidents are terrible to look at and of course, after making sure that nobody was harmed, we can begin complaining about how we won’t be able to access the road all day.

Hot sauce


I have no idea why someone would order a bottle of hot sauce through Amazon instead of going to the market, but if they forget to put padding on the box, this is what you’ll get.



We really hope this person didn’t have a season finale episode to watch because that’s not going to happen: I have no idea how this happened but I’m glad it didn’t happen to me.



This restaurant owner was so excited when he heard that his place was completely booked for the night, but unfortunately, the oven had better plans and it was the only one in the kitchen.



A sixteen-hour flight seems annoying enough but what could make it much worse is spilling a beer on your pants when you just got in. That’s not a pleasant vacation start.

Fresh cement


If you have been expecting someone to come fix your street pavement probably you were imagining something different as a result: poor car owner, that’s some really bad luck.



First of all, let me tell you that you are not looking at what you think: it’s just the guy’s pants that have a hole in them. Still, this is humiliating and we have no idea how this happened.

Peel off


The peel-off sealers are one of those things that fail more often than they actually work. Stop putting them on things, they make us feel like losers when we try to lift them successfully.

My poor car


If you decide to park wherever you can find a spot and delay to move it elsewhere, bad luck will probably come your way and you will have to end up taking the bus home that day.

Half and half


Whoever made these containers so similar must have a weird sense of humor and that probably must have been the most disgusting cup of coffee ever drank by a human being.



We all know the law by now: if you drop a toast, it will always fall on the side with the spread jam on. Try to eat them far from your computer or you will be licking the keyboard forever.



I would rather have someone slashed my tires on purpose than having an English key do it for no other reason than me having the worst possible luck. How do you get that thing out?



If you were looking for your special bottle of Tequila and find this instead, I can assure you that the sadness won’t be even up with the cake that’s been out of the fridge. What’s wrong with people?



If you ever doubt the amount of good or bad luck you have in life, try playing a game of UNO and everything will be revealed. This hand is probably proof enough that you are not blessed.

This dog


Sometimes luck doesn’t work on its own and it has some special assistants to make your life a living hell: in this case, it could be your dog, who decided to turn your night into a cleaning night.

Jelly Beans


If you thought that this was your lucky day because you were able to buy a bag of Jelly Beans for a special price, think again: the bag might be broken and your yummy treats on the floor.



I have no idea how the ink on this massive printer ended up exploding like this, but whoever has to clean up this mess and get ink out of the carpet floor has our complete sympathy.

Student driver


The first times you drive you are scared that the worse things are going to happen to you and you might not be paranoid: this student driver has the worst luck ever and his car ended like this.



You would imagine that if you go to get some test done at the doctor, nothing will go wrong but apparently, hospitals have their share of poor luck and unexplainable events.

Relaxing bath


If you were looking forward to having a long hot relaxing bath after a difficult day, this may not be the idea you have in mind: good thing is that the plumber is about to get lucky with a gig.

Spiders everywhere


I sincerely hope that the spider appeared on top of the table and was not on the ramen cup of noodles, but it all points that this guy’s luck is so bad that it was the second option.



One of the biggest fears you can have in an escalator is to have a shoe trapped in it and get stuck: sorry to break it for you, but this can happen and it did on an escalator in Korea.



You would imagine that this type of ships that carry so much weight would have it all figured out but no, apparently not only the captain but everyone who was sending something had a very bad day.



There are some reasons why you are not supposed to operate machinery under the influence of substance or alcohol: you could get trapped in fresh cement and lose your job.



This girl was excited on her first flight because she was hoping to see the Eiffel tower from above while flying. Not this time, kid, bad luck hurts children too. Sorry about it.

Toilet paper


This picture could not mean that much of bad luck if it weren’t for the fact that it was taken on a toilet paper factory. Really, people can have worse days than you.



This person had to cover the first shift at work and get to the office at 5:30 in the morning. Wishing to at least have a good breakfast in peace, he found a completely empty fridge.

Let it snow


Everybody loves snow and cold weather until it gives out the worst possible luck strike ever, like trying to get to your car to buy groceries and ending up with the handle in your hand.



Saving is very important, regardless how much you can gather. Even if you manage to save up a few coins, it will make a difference at the end of the month unless you spill water on it.



If there is a picture that can sum up the spirit of having terrible luck, this is it: you climbed the stairs to fix something on the roof and you won’t be getting down any time soon.



Lids on cups can be a danger if they are not closed properly, but this is just too much: not only this person won’t be able to enjoy her smoothie but also cleaning that up will be complicated.



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but apparently, if this happens to you, you won’t be having such a great day after all. All the eggs are now a part of your floors.

Seems right


This probably happened to you at some point and this is by far the definition of bad luck: they are calling all numbers except yours and you are not leaving anytime soon. That sucks.

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